Part II

How to plan metal dance if we want to improve the movements and make them into a set of combined movements.

When we listen to our choice of music over and over again, we can work out the specific feeling/s it evokes in us.

We can then move freely to this piece of music, and elaborate on the specific movements we like best. We can see how they are matching with the music, work on this matching a bit more to make it look better. Or we might consciously choose a contrast, such as moving slowly to fast paced music, moving agressively to a slow piece of music, and see what contrasts bring out. Add a gesture, prolong a movement, make it sharper or softer; pick a prop. A piece of veil, it can represent your social mask, it can represent the layers of your personality. A stick. Use it as if it was your sword. Play around until it gives off your own natural character. Do something expected, do something unexpected. Tell your own story.

This is how dance starts.