Invitation to Dance-
It’s a Dance. And sometimes they turn the lights off in this ballroom.
But we’ll dance anyway, you and I. Even in the Dark. Especially in the Dark.
May I have the pleasure?” Stephen King



Part I

How do you move to a kind of music triggering your dark feelings?

Metal music is a genre dwelling on a wide variety of themes concerning “the other”. It has been becoming popular world wide resulting in a great diversity of sub-genres nourished by the cultural aspects of the regions where the musicians are from and by the musical backgrounds of the artists. Musically, the pace tends to be fast, however it can be slow as well as atmospheric, creating a distinctive mood to evoke a variety of feelings; nostalgia, deep sadness, suffering, and fear. The rhythmic patterns are complex. The tempo can range from slow to extremely fast blast beat tempos; quarter note = 350 beats per minute.

All in all, this music likes pushing the envelope.

Our bodies are much more than our physical attributes. We live through our bodies, we live with our bodies. Our movements represent our own unique existence, they are a part of our typical characteristics. Movement is essential; there is always a kind of movement in our bodies, in our organs, in the cosmos, in the subatomic particles. If there is no movement, there is no life.

Dance can be described as a set of rhythmical movements done as a response to a piece of music. We can enlarge this definition by saying that dance is a kinesthetic reaction or response to feelings.

Music evokes feelings.

Many music genres have their own dance styles. There is headbanging for Metal and Punk; we violently shake our heads in time with the music. The head is home to all our major sensory organs. There is pogo dance. We jump up and down and move around. There is slam dancing/moshing; we push and slam into each other aggressively.

All of these are expressions of enjoyment, they are extreme kinds of expression to extreme kinds of music. They are hardcore. Coming from the core.

Metal music communicates a desire for freedom, so the way we express ourselves to such music can explore this desired freedom.

Another important point is, Heavy Metal is dominated by men. Although it has been fast changing recently, both the musicians and fans are predominantly male. Dance, however, is deemed to be a female thing to do. It is supposed to be aesthetical…

But, we can defy these suppositions.

“the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened”


Dance is a kinesthetic reaction to emotions. Many cultural dance forms express raw passion in a raw way. We hit the wall in a strong motion when we are angry, we can hit our fists against the wall rhythmically when we are listening to an aggressive piece of metal music. We might feel like swinging our bodies to a smooth guitar solo. If dance was a poem, these movements would be the words and phrases.